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Maltrait Memorial Catholic School



Maltrait Memorial Catholic School

2022-2023 School Important Dates

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Catholic School
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Student Life

Maltrait Memorial Catholic School Student Life


MMCS 4-H Club

Wagon Wednesday and Spirit Day Friday

Jr Beta

About MMCS

Crusader Chronicles

Crusader Chronicles

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Crusader News

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MMCS Reopening Guidelines 2020 Updated :7/31/20

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Crusader Events

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Spring BBQ Dinner Sunday, Jan 29th

Catholic Schools Week Jan.29th - Feb.4th

About MMCS



Administrative Team

Rev. Mark Miley                                     Pastor                     

Rev. Nicholas Dupre’                Associate Pastor

Renee’ C. Meaux                                    Principal                 


Support Staff

Suzanne Richard                                     Office Secretary

Staci Dupree                                            Business Office Secretary      

Gina Trahan                                           Bookkeeping/Payroll                              

Geneva Boudreaux                                  Custodian               



Pre-Kindergarten                                Monique Lange

Pre-Kindergarten                                Cindy Sonnier     

Kindergarten                                        Caroline Husband Broussard

Kindergarten/Religion                      Andrea Menard

First Grade                                            Charlene Benoit

Second Grade                                       Chere Bourque/ Felice Mayard

Third Grade                                          Lori Brasseaux

Fourth Grade                                        Kay Guidry

Religion Coordinator                         Angela Trahan


 5th – 8th Grades

Reading & Social Studies        Ricki Parker

Math                                                                        Judy Lalande                          

Language Arts/Reading                           Dawn Camel

Science/Reading                                      Rebecca LeBlanc

Tech. Coordinator K – 8th            Gale Hebert

P.E.                                                                   Renee Meaux

P.E. Assistant                             Full-Time upper grade teachers                           






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