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Maltrait Memorial Catholic School Student Life


MMCS 4-H Club

Wagon Wednesday and Spirit Day Friday

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Crusader Chronicles

Crusader Chronicles

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MMCS Reopening Guidelines 2020 Updated :7/31/20

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Crusader Events

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Spring BBQ Dinner Sunday, Jan 29th

Catholic Schools Week Jan.29th - Feb.4th

Maltrait Memorial Catholic School

Mission Statement (revised, as adopted November, 1995)

The Mission of Maltrait Memorial School is threefold: Faith Development, Academic Excellence and Leadership. Maltrait Memorial School cooperates with the Church and the parents to assist, guide, inspire, instruct and form the children so that they may perfect themselves spiritually, intellectually, morally, emotionally and socially. With the help of God’s grace, Maltrait strives to promote the supreme goals of human life in this world, and prepare the students at the same time for eternal life. To achieve this Maltrait reinforces our Catholic heritage and family values incorporating values of love, prayer, morality and service, all of which are rooted in the home and nurtured in the school. It is our purpose to give to all students basic religious instruction and formation, basic knowledge, understanding and skill in all the fundamental school academic subjects. Our objective is to produce a well-rounded person, an individual prepared to fulfill all his duties, those toward his family, civil community, his world, his church and his God.

School Motto: “God, Children and Learning Are Our Priority”

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